If you truly want to engage with your consumers on their mobile phones, it’s time to learn about SMS short codes and what they are. SMS short codes form the actual driving force behind a mobile marketing campaign. Below we have compiled a few things that you need to know about SMS short codes and how they can help your company’s SMS campaign:

What is a short code?

This is a 5 or 6-digit code that consumers can use if they want to opt-in to an SMS campaign. The code is also used to send out coupons, vouchers and similar to those consumers who have previously opted-in to the campaign. Consumers can communicate with the company by sending a text message to the short code (the short code is used as the “recipient” number).

How to advertise your short code to consumers

You can advertise your short code to consumers via email, SMS, on your website, or even via print, television or radio media. A typical example of the format of an advert for short codes is: “Text ‘MILKSHAKE’ to 32245 to receive a discount coupon”.

SMS keywords for your short code campaign

When a consumer opts-in to your SMS campaign, they will need to text the short code and also make use of a keyword, so that the service provider knows precisely which campaign the user is opting-in to. Make your keyword relevant to your campaign to make it easier for consumers and the service provider.

Dedicated SMS short codes vs shared SMS short codes

Depending on your budget and how long you will run your campaign for, you will need to decide if you would like to have a dedicated short code that only your business can use, or if you are willing to share a short code with other businesses. Shared short codes do work just as well – your consumers will just need to ensure that the correct keyword is used when texting.


SMS Short Codes

• Quick and easy way for your customers to get in touch with you and communicate.

• Eliminates the need for large call centres, as communications can be sent directly to the required departments.

• Short codes are easier to remember than lengthy contact details and this means that the customers will have your details on hand with a short code.

• SMS short codes are a great way to earn revenue. Your business will receive a certain percentage of the cost of the text messages received from the service provider.

• You can determine how much the short code SMS will cost your consumers. This is usually dependent on the type of short code that you use and the keyword that you have in mind.

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