Restaurants have experienced a successful transition over to mobile marketing with quite impressive results. Printed media has become an outdated method of advertising due to the ease of sending SMSs, low labour costs and possibility of target marketing by mining region specific mobile records. Offering small discounts via SMS has become a useful tool to drive patronage.sms marketing

Case Background
A well-known pizza & pasta restaurant wanted to increase their daily foot traffic and overall monthly turnover. The challenge was to attract customers to come in on a weekly basis. They achieved to build up a loyal customer base with regular special offers sent via weekly bulk SMSs.

A campaign that has been identified was a bulk SMS that was sent to 3500 recipients in surrounding suburbs as well as existing consumer data. Recipients received an SMS with added menu items and specials. The rate of positive responses and increased foot traffic was above average. The main objective was to increase to increase weekly sales, the positive feedback from customers is essential. The pie chart illustrates the positive feedback based on the delivered messages to the restaurants’ client database.

sms marketing

Why use Connect Mobile for SMS marketing?
Advertising via SMS is affordable, simple and quick. Bulk SMS creates a massive marketing impact with minimal effort and low cost to company. 81% of customers search for restaurants on their mobile devices. SMSs sent directly to their hand- set will remove the temptation of using other companies.

Companies have accumulated over 13000 SMS subscribers within the first five weeks and 93% of subscribers are still subscribed to the SMS communication. By enticing potential consumers with small discounts, two for one specials or a free offer ensures that they will return. More and more restaurants are making use of SMS marketing. SMS Campaigns are successful at increasing sales and retaining customers.

Reporting of data
Connect Mobile offers a nimble and easy-to-use SMS platform that gives you the tools to track your SMS delivery and response rate.

Plug into the mobile realm today!
Sending an SMS is more affordable and easy to market to your target audience. Companies have experienced their daily turnover double on the days that SMS marketing was sent. On average, SMS campaigns are seven times more effective than an email campaign.

Patronage can increase on an average of 46% among those recipients exposed to the SMS campaign. It has also redirected 38% of foot traffic away from surrounding competitors. Companies have successfully integrated SMS usage in regards to special offers, events, competitions, new menu items and customer feedback.

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