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Mobile marketing is no longer the impressionable young upstart it was 15 years ago. It’s matured and the use of SMS by businesses has grown and continues to grow at a steady rate. Consumers are no longer surprised to receive offers from companies that they’ve opted into, in fact they have come to accept them. According to research by SAP, 70% of people feel that an SMS is a good way for an organisation to get their attention.

So if your company hasn’t yet taken the plunge, there’s a whole opportunity to generate eyebrow-raising response rates that will impress even the most cynical of marketers. Here are some of the top reasons, to roll up your sleeves and dive into the world of mobile marketing.

Killer Open Rates
No direct response marketing channel can compete with the astonishing read rate of SMS. The majority of research studies indicate that 90% of all SMSs are still read within the first three minutes. Despite the explosive growth of messaging apps and in-app notifications, SMS still has the power to make us stop what we’re doing and check the SMS inbox.

Low Cost
Average industry rates for sending texts are just a few cents. So you can send a custom message to 1000 customers for around R180 excl. VAT. It’s an astonishingly low spend for a potentially massive return.

6-8 times Higher Response Rates than Email
If only email response rates could match those of SMS. Compared to any other way of getting your message across, SMS open and response rates are one of the marvels of the marketing world.

SMS is still the Only Universal Messaging Platform
Every mobile phone ever built can send and receive texts. We understand it, we don’t need to learn it and we still get a buzz from receiving them.

SMS Marketing is Trackable
Most outgoing mobile marketing SMSs receive a report, letting you know whether the message has been delivered or not. Numbers that receive an instant failed report are most likely because the number is off, out of range or no longer exists.  These dead numbers should be removed from your list so that no further effort is made to text them. Links in your SMSs can be shortened and a click-through can be enabled so you can measure exactly how your campaigns are performing.

Your Competitors are using SMS

“If your marketing plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished.” – Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola

Whatever sector you operate in, it’s likely that other companies will be using SMS as a way of communicating with their customers. While it’s not a good idea to get too obsessed with what competitors are up to, you don’t want to let them dominate one of the most responsive communication channels around.

If you’d like to take a dip in the refreshing waters of SMS marketing, there’s no time like the present. Feel free to set up your free Plugin account here. Free test credits will allow you to explore the feature-rich SMS platform.

If you’d like some advice or just want to talk through what you’ve got planned, we’d love to hear from you. All our details are on the contact page.

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