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Imagine a pupil heading to his mother’s car with a bulging suitcase filled with not only bulky books but also donation slips, letters, account statements and even more letters. Now imagine a parent getting a phone call about an unanswered letter or missed payment. If only there was an easier way to send statements, letters and more directly to a parent’s handset, taking the load off learners and email inboxes nationwide – there is!

Easily send 1000 letters or invitations via SMS for as little as R180*.

Connect Mobile specialises in SMS solutions from the smallest nursery school to some of the largest universities in South Africa. With our Genius SMS functionality, institutions can send written correspondence, account statements, invites and much more via SMS. The power of Genius SMS lies in the reporting capabilities where you can see who clicked to view the correspondence sent.

You can even send payment reminders via SMS by using our automated SMS functionality where reminder dates can be added per parent and content can easily be personalised with our placeholder functionality where you can add account numbers and reference details in the SMS – it’s all so simple.

So you prefer WhatsApp groups to the traditional bulk SMS method? Need we remind you about the WhatsApp group blunder of 2016? Our easy-to-use SMS platform allows you to easily add grade groups and their parents’ contact details to lists where you can track messages sent, replies received and more.

Stop licking hundreds of envelopes and sticking sequins to invites – plug into the mobile realm with Connect Mobile. Click here to register for free or send us an email to

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