It is our pleasure to introduce you to the latest Plugin update. The primary goals of this update were to improve speed and usability of Plugin as well as introduce some new features, all in preparation for future updates. We’ve also improved the look and feel of our website to enable you to test our SMS functionality and to learn more about our products, check it out here.

Here’s a quick look at specific additions and changes:

Genius SMS Locations

We’ve added the ability to define and share business locations using Genius SMS flyers. This nifty feature allows you to quickly search and attach several different locations when configuring flyers, which will be presented with a new map button on all Genius SMS messages.

People who receive your Genius SMS flyer can simply tap the map button to view a list of closest locations on a map, and easily navigate to the location of their choice using their mobile phone’s GPS system. Not only can you locate clients using Genius SMS flyers, but you can now give them the ability to find you back.

New Category Manager

We have completely overhauled our Category Manager to provide better usability and statistical feedback for our marketing clients. Categories allow you to better organise your send data according to your business structure, be it by clients or by campaigns. The new interface features send statistics, batch lists, and a multitude of hot links to help you organise and send quicker.

New Look And Feel

As part of a drive for better accessibility and usability, we’ve given Plugin a bit of a facelift. New fonts, colours and styling have been applied to make using Plugin a far easier and enjoyable experience, with a more consistent design language so you can better understand exactly how to do what you want to do.

General Improvements

In the background, our developers have improved a multitude of mechanisms to make sending and organisation tasks far quicker than before. We’ve also made efforts to reduce the load on your internet connection while using Plugin. We have some great things planned for Plugin this year and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Please let us know what you think of our recent changes, as well as anything you would like to see added to Plugin in the future.

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