Every day clients are bombarded with day to day marketing which makes effective advertising a challenge. The most successful dealerships have moved over to mobile marketing as it is well suited for this industry. Dealerships tend to use printed marketing which is easily overlooked, labour intensive and overpriced. The ability to combine mobile advertising and social media will dramatically increase your company’s exposure to potential buyers.Mobile Advertising

Case Background
It was the requirement of a well known car brand to take to market a ‘hottest hatch’ deal.The challenge the customer faced was to execute a marketing strategy low in cost with a high ROI. Various call to action methods were used for this campaign. With the use of Genius SMS an image was embedded into a tiny URL, once clicked the offer was shown, recipients could also redirect to the dealership’s website.

A Genius SMS was sent to 5000 recipients. The nature of the product offered pertains to a certain LSM which in turn affects the conversion rate of leads. With this in mind, the rate of potentials was above average. Even though the main objective is sales related, the value of web traffic for re-marketing purposes is essential. The pie chart illustrates how the call to action methods translated to positive leads generated by the brand.

Mobile Advertising

Why use Connect Mobile for SMS marketing?
Mobile advertising will go directly to the potential buyer with 97% of messages being read within the first three minutes. Bulk SMSs are more effective as it creates a massive marketing impact with little effort and low cost to company. Genius SMS is an easy-to-use tool which embeds images, Videos, PDF files or leaflets which can be linked to your web or Facebook page. Companies have experienced as much as a 13% increase in website traffic and in turn the time spent on the website increased from an average of 14 minutes to 25 minutes.

Advertising via SMS is affordable, simple and quick. Genius SMS allows you to use the same eye catching flyer but send it straight to the client’s phone. Recipients have the ability of sharing the image on Facebook which increases your target market. With this your target audience acts as brand influencers and collaborators to your existing marketing model as Facebook users have the ability to view the shared content and re-share it to their page, here the ripple effect is activated. This form of marketing is by far the most cost effective.

Plug into the mobile realm today!
Sending an SMS to a customer is 95% cheaper than a call and only takes a couple of seconds to send to your entire database. SMSs also allow your customers to give you feedback with regards to test drives, new specials, competitions, car service reminders and even general customer service related communication. Company reviews on Facebook increased 15% on average post to SMS marketing.

SMS communication can also be used for collection notifications, courtesy messages, service follow-up surveys and lead generation. Mobile subscribers are leaving their handsets to ring to avoid telemarketers, however the power of the flashing envelope post to receiving an SMS ensures that your content is read.


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