As leaders in the mobile messaging industry we have now implemented business intelligence tools into our existing online messaging platform. Our system architects have cleverly developed tools that not only reaches your target audience with smart graphics but can also re-market within the social media sphere.

Businesses across the globe are diving into the social space at a rapid pace. Genius SMS includes various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest as well as professional networks such as LinkedIn. Your customers are constantly interacting with brands through social media and a powerful marketing plan with the use of Genius SMS is the ultimately key to tap into their interest.

Genius SMS

Genius SMS is a nimble, easy-to-use tool that incorporates static images, videos or pre-populated PDF information flyers or leaflets into an SMS.

Embedding Graphics
Embedding graphics into mobile messages is quick and easy with Genius SMS. Simply upload the desired image, set your page title and description to be included into your flyer and cleverly include your website URL. This will ensure that when the recipient clicks on the image they received on their handset, they will be redirected to your website. In doing this you are exposing your customers to not only your advertised product, but also all of your other products and services. Many players in the industry rely on cross selling to provide a more comprehensive service to their clients.

Genius SMS

Shareable Options
Want your marketing material to reach even larger audiences? The share- able toggle ensures that your recipients can share the flyer on social media platforms and LinkedIn. This option turns your target audience into brand influencers increasing your reach even more as the online ripple effect continues. If you need a marketing strategy for the promotion of products and services, then you won’t find a cheaper option than Genius SMS that will serve as marketing tactic to yield maximum results.

What is a strategy without a means to measure your results? Our developers have put together a reporting tool that provides analytics on various aspects of your marketing campaign:
– Delivered messages;
– Unique URL clicks;
– Sharing statistics on social media platforms and LinkedIn; and
– Render hits.
Easily obtain reports prepopulated in smart graphs and pie charts either of a recently sent campaign, or a complete overview over the course of your active campaign.

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