There is a large gap in the marketing industry for lead generation SMSs as approximately 80% of consumers haven’t received SMS marketing messages from their favourite brands. From the medical industry to companies specialising in funeral benefits and the like. Lead generation in the form of an SMS is ideal as the information lands in the hands of a targeted audience member or LSM related recipient most likely to show interest in the advertised product or service.

Case Background
The company’s target was to increase the number of customer records to their existing database and in turn – increase sales. The company succeeded this with ease. With the use of Bulk SMSs, their cost per lead remained relatively low while their profit increased as the client sales increased.

Over 300000 messages were sent to consumers that showed interest in the advertised product. As a result of LSM targeting the positive responses were astounding and resulted in a high volume of lead conversion by call centre agents. The main objective was to not only increase sales but also increase the existing database of consumers. The pie chart illustrates the contrast between the new customers, the company sales, the cost to company and the minimal amount of recipients who opted out of SMS communication.

Why use Connect Mobile for SMS marketing?
A simple SMS sent to potential customers requesting preferred contact methods or short survey questions related to the products offered versus interest in these products has shown that 14% of potential customers would share their information with companies without any incentive, while 57% would share their information if added incentives were involved. Due to this statistic, running a competition is the most effective way of generating leads, as it will grab your target audience’s attention and will provide you with more customers for your database.

Lead gen messages allow the potential customer to approach your company which decreases customer dissatisfaction from unwanted SMSs and increases the possibility of lead conversion.

Customers can be added to the SMS database after showing interest in your company, therefore can be sent mobile marketing. Bulk SMSs are more effective as it creates a massive marketing impact with little effort and low cost to company. Genius SMS as added tool is an easy-to-use feature which embeds images, Videos, PDF files or leaflets which can be linked to your website or Facebook page. With this your target audience acts as brand influencers and collaborators to your existing marketing model as Facebook users have the ability to view the shared content and re-share it to their page, here the ripple effect is activated.

Plug into the mobile realm today!
Lead generation SMSs can be used to get new customers for competitions, engaging customers regard- ing business information, surveys and to get customer feedback on general correspondence. Mobile subscribers are leaving their handsets to ring to avoid telemarketers, however with lead gen SMSs you are handing the power over to the recipient.

This results in less opt outs during the duration of the SMS campaign. An average of 75% of people prefer to have adverts sent to them over seeing adverts on mobile applications. Companies experienced an average of 50% increase in sales after nurturing retained customers.

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