Does your business run an effective mobile marketing campaign? If you don’t have mobile marketing solutions in place for your business, you’re missing out on a large market. Just about everyone turns to their mobile phones these days. Online browsing, mobile applications and the like ensure that consumers are connected to their favourite products, brands and services at all times. Consumers use their mobile devices to make buying decisions on a daily basis. You probably do the very same! Can you really afford to miss out? Millions of mobile users respond to mobile marketing campaigns on a daily basis and you too can benefit from having such a campaign in place.

Below are our top reasons why your business needs to get involved in mobile marketing and how to go about it:

• Your customers are probably engaging with your business before you are even aware of it. Most mobile phone users will look up the company website, browse through its catalogue and similar, before paying a visit to the store. Make sure that you have a website that is mobile friendly, to ensure that their first experience or encounter with your company is convenient. Google also pays preference to mobile-friendly websites, so if you want to get better exposure to mobile browsers, make sure that your website is geared towards creating a better online experience for your customers.

• The smartphone is a shopping assistant that could earn sales or help you lose out on sales – know how to harness its potential. It is best to merge the mobile and in-store experience, in order to make it ideal for your customers – after all, they do have a great deal of “shopping around” power in the palms of their hands. When your customers are in your store, chances are that they will be consulting with their mobile phone about where they can find a product or service cheaper. Ensure that your mobile marketing campaign makes it beneficial for your customer to complete the sale right then and there. Perhaps you can offer in-store discounts, two for one specials and similar. Incentivise the sale – give something back to your customer.

• Sites that are not mobile friendly push customers away – especially smartphone customers. Today’s shopping climate is fussy and impatient. If you want to appeal to a broad market and ensure that you don’t lose a mobile client to the competition, make sure that the mobile experience is geared towards being simple for them. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website or smartphone apps to offer them that make the shopping experience simple and hassle free, you will lose the customer to a company that does.

• 73% of mobile searches carried out end up in a sale. Can you really afford to miss out on that? Without a mobile-friendly website or app, you’re missing out on all of those potential sales. Statistics show that mobile users that are searching for a product or service are doing so because they are primed for the purchase.

• Mobile marketing offers exceptional conversion rates. You can get up to 10 times more redemptions on mobile coupons than you do on physical coupons. Drive increased traffic and sales with a mobile loyalty programme and benefit!

Mobile Marketing

If you are looking for a company that has effective mobile marketing solutions on offer, you have come to just the right place. At Connect Mobile, we offer mobile marketing solutions in the form of mobile-friendly websites and dedicated mobile applications.

Whether you need a simple app, custom-designed masterpiece, a simple website or something easy to use for your customers – we at Connect Mobile can assist. We offer high performing custom applications that are expertly engineered to maximize business. We also offer mobile-friendly websites that are geared towards the needs of your target audience and are highly interactive too.

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