Need to get more exposure and engage more with your consumer base? If you are looking for a way in which to boost your mobile marketing campaign, look for a bulk SMS provider with a cost-effective and reliable SMS gateway service to offer you. Bulk SMS has come a long way over the years and in this day and age, every company incorporating SMS in their advertising campaign benefits exponentially.

A bulk SMS gateway enables companies to improve on their retention, interaction and sales. With the right SMS gateway, you can experience the ultimate marketing success. The first and most important step is choosing a bulk SMS provider – this will affect just how simple and effective your campaign is.

To make the right decision, take the time to look at all the features and functionality that our proposed SMS gateway has to offer. Below we have listed a few top functions and features that you should consider “must-have” features:

• The bulk SMS gateway must offer scheduling or automatic alerts, so that messages can be sent out to your contacts list at certain times on certain days. Our SMS gateway allows for complete scheduling of messages for groups and individuals.

• The gateway should also offer you international SMS capabilities, so that you can send important messages to consumers, suppliers and affiliates all over the world. This will go a long way towards developing better working relationships, customer retention and better scheduling. This is true with our SMS gateway, as it allows for international SMS messages to be sent too.

• The gateway should be able to receive responses sent directly from your contacts. This means that two-way communication is made possible and this opens up important dialogue with your consumers. Engaging with your consumers in this way is highly beneficial to your business. At Connect Mobile, our SMS gateway will direct responses to your call centre or email – this will enable you to follow up on leads in real time.

• The gateway should allow you to personalise messages for individuals and for groups. This helps to personalise your campaign and make your recipients feel special. This also ensures that the recipient knows that the message is for them and not just a rogue SMS campaign. Our SMS gateway allows for the complete personalisation of messages being sent out.

• The system should be easily accessed at all times. Our Connect Mobile SMS gateway is hosted online, which means that you can access it remotely. It also means that you don’t have to waste time downloading software and you can also rest assured that important information and data is kept safe online. If your computers crash or become damaged – your advertising campaign is still safe.

• The SMS gateway should have the functionality to create a contacts list and a blacklist. This is particularly helpful if you are running competitions. By creating a list, you can keep track of entries and client details. Our SMS gateway allows users to create both contacts and blacklists.

Bulk SMS

You will find that bulk SMS providers offer a variety of packages to suit the business. With our service, we keep our prices low and our service exceptional. There are no monthly fees to worry about when making use of our service either. We merely charge you for each SMS sent. You can ensure that you never waste a cent by using our HLR service. This checks to see if the numbers that you are sending messages to are valid and in service.

Many studies have shown that SMS messages are typically opened within a few minutes of being received. This can boost your advertising campaign, as most interested parties will take action immediately. We encourage all of our clients to take the time to create relevant content with a clear call to action to include in their SMS. We also advise that there is the option for your subscribers to “opt out” or unsubscribe.

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